Sunday, May 25, 2014

Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

In fact, don't just give yourself permission.  Believe you deserve it.

Because we all deserve to go confidently in the direction of our dreams, and to find there the uncommon success that Thoreau mentions.

Oh, but it is so hard to believe it.  Every time I think I've let go that insidious voice of parental disdain, so adamant I should amount to nothing but what she allowed me, I trip across another reminder I very much have not.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All or Nothing

A couple of years ago, I attended parent education classes which put a big focus on self-care.  This was foreign to me.  Self-care?  What was that?

As a parent, I believed in giving my all to my kids.  Putting them first.  Wasn't that what parenting was all about?

But I wasn't just putting them first.  I was making them everything.  I was somewhere after the kids, the family in general, and my mate; a distant afterthought that rarely occurred.