Thursday, August 5, 2010


From everywhere they came,
thousands of silent voices,
clamouring to tell stories,
make an audience laugh,
share dreams and visions,
create worlds.

Lotus petals opened,
old wounds cured,
talents rediscovered,
spirits grew together,
connected and strengthened
by common threads.

Few squandered the chance,
with voices not their own,
hiding behind masks,
taking their pitiful pay
selling their soul,
never realizing how much they'd lost.

But what the foolish lacked
in empty praise for stolen art,
others shared in truth,
howling to the skies,
celebrating the gift of creation,
weaving their tapestries of light.

© mine, 2-16-08

Originally posted on Gather; reposted with sorrow for the community that was and with love for the friends who are still howling their songs to the sky.

1 comment:

abitosunshine said...

Beautiful, tho' a bit sad. I'll forever weave tapestries of light ... everywhere!